What to Expect from Treatment

What to expect? Immediate Response. Discovery House strives to provide every patient an intake appointment within 24 hours and medicated within 48 hours. Discovery House provides services to individuals addicted to opiates. Discovery House works with each patient to achieve a stable, productive life, free from substance abuse. Our compassionate associates provide a comprehensive approach that incorporates group and individual counseling, medical services, drug screening, HIV/AIDS education, case management and other services.

Our treatment process starts with an initial  screening to ensure that all admission criteria are satisfied.  From here, new patients will proceed through our streamlined yet thorough intake process.  Here all individuals will be assessed by a team of clinical and medical associates and participate in creating their initial treatment plan.

All new patients can expect:

• An friendly efficient intake process designed to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and stabilize you safely and quickly.

• Education on your medication and treatment.

• Ongoing nursing and physician assessment during your medication induction periods to ensure your safety, comfort, and stability.

• Orientation groups that provide education to new patients in areas of program policy, HIV/AIDS information, medical issues and addiction / recovery information.

• Random drug screening as appropriate and in compliance with all State and Federal regulations.

• Medical follow-ups and annual physicals.

• Take home medication once patients meet specific eligibility criteria.