Success Stories

As a national outpatient addiction program, Discovery House is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care. It is our goal to help you overcome your drug dependency and get your life back.  Learn more by reading what our clients have to say.


“ Surveys and interviews indicate that patients have a very high degreeCARF_Seal 9KB of satisfaction with the quality of services received and a high level of significant progress achieved toward their goals and recovery.”

– Discovery House; Cranberry Township, Huntingdon Valley, New Castle,Farrell, Pittsburgh & Harrisburg, PA CARF Survey

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Positive Experience
“Discovery House has been nothing but a blessing to me.
I love the entire staff here; especially my counselor
in whom I confide on a regular basis. Attending
the Discovery House program has led to my recovery.
Instead of ‘an addict,’ I am now a recovering addict.
Discovery House made it easy and understandable to maintain my recovery… When I followed all of the recommendations that came along
with this program, my life became much better…
Discovery House has been a learning, helpful, and
positive experience for me.”
— Cranberry Township Patient Melissa

Caring and Supportive
“The first day I walked into Discovery House in Bangor
was the day I started to change my life. I knew I was
finally getting the help I needed. The staff, counselors,
and doctors were very respectful and honest in a kind
way. No longer was I feeling low of myself. I have had a
long struggle with my addiction before being welcomed
into the program. My life now is finally getting back on
the right path. I enjoy coming to Discovery House and
doing individual counseling and groups where there’s a
lot of caring and supportive staff and patients. I can
actually say groups are not only fun, but also a good
learning experience. I would recommend Discovery
House to other recovering addicts.”
—Bangor Patient, Christina

New PAtient

A Second Chance
“ With the help of Discovery House I have remained
clean for the past four years. My girlfriend is my wife,
I have a family again, a home, a car, a boat, and things
I would never have dreamed of having before. Most
importantly, I have the trust of the people whom I love
and who love me.
Discovery House gave me a second chance at a life
that I thought was over. I would recommend them to
anyone who is struggling with addiction and nothing
has worked. Don’t give up; there is hope for everyone
with addiction. It starts with a phone call to Discovery
House. That was my beginning to a new, better me.”
— New Castle Patient Nick

dhnc pt 1260 in glasses with cs Cody McMillan

Beyond My Hopes
“ Discovery House is what saved my life. Using drugs since
age fourteen, diving deeper into the addiction as years
passed, nothing ever helped my addiction. Three trips to
rehab, even though completed successfully, still failed to
help. I lost all my friends, family and personal respect.
After a month in treatment, I had given up using entirely. I
had changed in ways beyond my hopes. I was starting to
live a normal life, saving money, eating right and getting
respect! The staff treats me with smiles every time they
see me. I know that this treatment, unlike many others, will
help any and all addicts who take this seriously.”
—Patient Aaron (with New Castle Counselor Cody, right)

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Helping Others
“Over the last four years, I have been attending the
methadone treatment program at Discovery House.
I wasn’t sure how I would feel about not only speaking
to a counselor every month, but also attending groups
with people I did not know. I started to schedule my
groups in the areas that I felt were relative to my
personal situation. I am happy to say that, after the last
four years of attending Discovery House, I am proud
of the person that I am today. I am currently a patient
advocate at our local clinic and am trying to do what
I can to help others.”
—Duncansville Patient Renée

DHBC pt 824 with cs Diane Koons

I Am Stronger
“ In the lowest point in my addiction, using heroin and other
drugs intravenously, I contracted Hep B and C. I was so
far into my addiction that I didn’t think anyone cared about
me nor did I care about myself. One day I learned about
Discovery House. The knowledge I acquired through the
group and individual sessions at Discovery House have
enabled me to maintain my sobriety. I have made so much
progress at Discovery House, my life has changed for
the better. I no longer look to that needle to escape my
problems. My counselor advocates for me and I’ve never
had anyone advocate for me before. I am stronger and
can handle life’s terms without drugs and alcohol.”
—Patient Marti (with Duncansville Counselor Dianne, left)

True Recovery
“ I’ll never forget the day I received the call from Discovery
House for my first appointment. I was taking Suboxone®
off the street at the time. I didn’t want to join a recovery
program out of fear of being labeled again. Right away
I felt important. They really personalized my recovery.
I have genuine support, and confidence shown to me
constantly. By believing in me, they have helped me
believe in myself. They put the emphasis into therapy
instead of just replacement. I am truly grateful for the
privilege to be part of true recovery and look forward
to its completion. Thank you for believing.”
— Bangor Patient, Roger

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“Discovery House is the best program I have ever been to. The staff, counselors,
nurses, and security guards are pleasant people to be around. What is most
important is that they are very professional people. Unlike other programs,
the structure there is very impressive. The rules must be followed, or there are
consequences. I enjoy going to group, seeing my counselor, and the other clients.
Since going to Discovery House my life has changed for the
better. I am going on 5 years clean. I am doing very well and I have to
say a lot of it has to do with the Discovery House program. Nothing is too
overwhelming. 2 groups a month, 1-hour session with your counselor monthly,
and if you’re doing well you will receive take-homes.”

-Left to right: Huntingdon Valley Counselor Rikki with patient Beth

Choice dhlt pt 685 white sweater and cs Tammy Titus

“I looked up methadone treatment centers on the internet and saw Discovery
House. It was only 2 miles from my house. A sweet, young woman’s voice answered
my call. I immediately hung up on her. 45 minutes later, and 3 more attempts at
speaking to that sweet voice on the other end of the phone, I finally managed to
spit out 4 words, “can you help me?” That was 9 months ago, and I feel I’m living a
fairy tale. Without the help of Discovery House I would be dead, either by
accident or by my own doing. I now run a Heroin Anonymous meeting once
a week with the help of my treatment team at Discovery House. Because of
therapy, methadone, and my own desire for a better life, I will
have my happily ever after.”

-Left to right: Patient Haley with Layton Counselor Tammy


The day I walked through their doors and was greeted with a smile
is a day I will never forget. Discovery House has provided me with a one-onone
counselor to disclose my addiction, as well as past experiences that have affected
my life and decision making process still today. I was fortunate enough to be offered the
responsibility of becoming the President of the Patient Advocacy Committee by the
Director, Kicole. Since then, I have been blessed to work with the patients and staff to
help improve the program. The most recent opportunity Discovery House has given
me is a resource to work with other local programs to get my story out and help even
more people in need.”

-Left to right: Farrell Program Director Kicole with patient Terra